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PHS Therapy Benefits

Staff Services

Instant Pay Debit Cards

PHS Therapy offers the option of having a free, convenient debit card. You may choose to deposit your wages directly onto this card and have instant access to your money. You are not required to have a bank account and do not need to go through credit approvals in order to qualify for the debit card. You may use your card at any location that accepts debit payments as well as at ATM machines.

Direct Deposit

No more waiting for checks to clear or driving to the bank and standing in line! Your wages are deposited directly into your bank account, giving you access to your funds sooner while eliminating the risk of your check being lost or stolen in the mail.

Weekly Pay

PHS offers weekly pay to all employees.

24/7 On-Call Support

Our healthcare professionals are able to reach an on-call coordinator 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any assistance.